About Market-IP and its geographic optimization services

Market-IP provides geographic optimization services on the mapping, geolocation, planning, and driving analysis technologies market.

After more than ten years of experience in technology development, Market-IP has developed a range of complementary geographic optimization products forming a veritable high added value “ecosystem” for business mobility management.  

Market-IP offers geographic optimization services enabling businesses to reap the following benefits:

  • Better understanding of and control over assets, vehicle fleets, construction vehicles and equipment, machines, and field staff.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Increased level of services offered to customers.
  • Control over and cuts in unproductive operating costs (mileage, travel times, etc.).
  • Management process automation (recording of work and travel times, analysis of behaviour and activities, etc.).

These geographic optimization services form a Market-IP product ecosystem. Each solution can be used independently from or combined with the others, as needed.







The expertise that Market-IP has built up in its core business (mapping, optimization of rounds, geolocation, and driving behaviour) enables it to propose fast analyses, project management, and development of functions and/or applications specific to your business.

Market-IP is your partner, using geography to optimize your company’s daily management.

Openness and modularity: We have extensive experience in integrating complex systems into businesses’ existing organizational systems.  That is why the tools that we develop can change in step with the latest technological developments and the expansion of your activities.

Experience : Our R&D department has overseen with great success a number of projects involving mapping, monitoring, and/or outfitting infrastructure, people, goods, and equipment.  We are committed to producing solutions that are the best matches for your specific needs.  Reporting tools provide managers with the essential information that they need to analyse their businesses’ activities and to take crucial medium-term business management decisions.

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