In the beginning there was Web mapping...

Then, Market-IP became a pioneer in the development of SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions incorporating this Web mapping.


2000: Market-IP is created just as mapping comes onto the Web.  Designing and implementing mapping solutions that meet Web applications’ requirements are the company’s foundations.

2001: Development of Geoservices’s first core functions:  geocoding and reverse geocoding.

2002-2003: Geoservices offers mapping (covering Belgium) and proposes an http/xml version (SaaS).

2003-2004: GPRS technology comes onto the market and Google asserts its position in the WorldWideWeb.  Market-IP wants to distinguish itself from the pack by enriching its service offer with a platform solution.  Birth of Telefleet to enhance vehicle safety and prevent car thefts.

2005: Many improvements are made to Geoservices and its geographic coverage is extended.

2007: We quickly make use of our experience to broaden our product range and propose innovative fleet and field staff management solutions. Job dispatching and task management are incorporated into  Telefleet.

2008: New “Google-like” mapping.

2008: Geotargeting made possible thanks to Ajax.  Geoservices’s functions are bolstered by a mapping consulting department to optimize the siting of businesses and activities.

2010: Geoservices improves.  In addition to potential global coverage available since 2008, a new version of its mapping programme with improved visuals is released.

2010: Finishing touches to Geoplanning, a tool designed to handle field workforce planning challenges ranging from the simple to the ultra-complex.  An independent approach to tracking catches the eye in certain sectors ... Drivexpert is in the incubator.

2011: Rollout of Drivexpert: a tool for analysing driver behaviour and habits in order to promote responsible, environmentally friendly, economical driving.