Customized projects

Integrating telematic solutions in your business?

You want to integrate a mobility optimization solution in your business?
You want to enrich your service offer with a telematic mapping, geolocation, scheduling, or driving behaviour analysis solution?
Market-IP’s expertise and telematic solutions will enable you to reach this goal.

With its expertise in telematic solutions and specialization in mapping techniques, plus the geographic added value that it gives your business, Market-IP will bring you:

  • increases in productivity
  • improvement in the level of services that you offer your customers
  • better knowledge of and control over your business’s assets (fleet of vehicles, field staff, etc.)
  • automation of your management processes
  • control over and cuts in unproductive operating costs (miles travelled, travel time, etc.)

The expertise that Market-IP has built up in its core business (mapping, optimization of rounds, geolocation, and driving behaviour) enables it to propose fast analyses, project management, and development of functions and/or applications specific to your business.

fleche_22  Let us take on your projects and telematic solutions.  We will put our expertise, know-how, and technological experience to work to optimize your company’s management. Contact us.