A geographic planning tool


Geoplanning is a geographic planning tool that enables all businesses to optimize and plan their field resources’ use in order to save precious time and energy as well as increasing the quality of the services that they offer their customers.

Key functions of the geographic planning tool Geoplanning:

  • Geoplanning is the geographic planning optimization tool that complements your own management tools (ERP, CRM, geolocation system, etc.).
  • Thanks to Geoplanning, you can assign tasks, optimize your field staff’s routes, and rationalize your field staff’s activities (travel time, mileage, and service).
  • Geoplanning prepares schedules and road maps.  It also enables you to prepare communication with your field teams and to analyse their actual performance and compliance with instructions.


Geoplanning is available in two versions :

Standard version:
In the standard version, tasks are distributed manually and you can visualize the impacts of your decisions on field operations in terms of mileage, productive time, etc.

Advanced version:
This version offers advanced tools for completely automated task assignment and optimization that allows for specific restrictions at the same time.  It also offers the possibility of on-the-spot task allocation (for example, dispatching of emergency units).

Depending on their aims, users can focus on specific families of functions, to wit:

Planning :
Preparation and optimization functions letting you visualize a workday’s organization and feasibility.

Dispatching :
These functions include real-time consultation of the status of work that is planned and actually done, the possibility of making new assignments in the course of the day, and visualizing right away the impacts of such decisions on the rest of the day.

Analytics :
These functions generate reports and let you compare, for example, the work actually done (effective start/end date) with what was planned.

Geoplanning is :

  • sold through intermediaries, i.e., partners with added value (contact us for a list of our partners) or by Market-IP directly if the project requires a high degree of personalization;
  • fully adaptable to meet your business requirements;
  • available as a stand-alone or add-on module (connected to your specific application, such as ERP);
  • based on Full Web technology;
  • flexible and available under a monthly licence-per-unit subscription.  The return on the investment is very quickly assessed.

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