GPS positioning to facilitate your daily management!

A brief example of a comprehensive management solution that includes Market-IP’s complementary capabilities.

Geocoding (Geoservices) is connected to your ERP to help you standardize the addresses in your databases.  This prepares your source data ideally for data exchange with other applications.

Geoplanning interprets your business applications’ data to help you take daily decisions about task assignment and planned field operation optimization.

Telefleet lets you track and trace your vehicles and construction machinery’s movements in real time.  You can also communicate with these assets via two-way messaging, which enables you to take decisions and to enrich and analyse your business’s activities (payroll calculations, invoices, bonuses, etc.).

Finally, whether or not it is combined with these services, Drivexpert can give you the key data you need to manage your field assets and staff (driving efficiency (tyres, fuel, etc.); risk of accidents, and so on).  You will thus be able to promote the adoption of more environmentally friendly driving, increase each vehicle’s resale value, reduce the risk of accidents, reduce the frequency of servicing and repairs, etc.

This is one example of the comprehensive solutions that Market-IP proposes:  GPS positioning, and the rest becomes child’s play, for easier daily management!

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