A mapping engine that does geocoding and reverse geocoding, amongst other things

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Geoservices is a mapping engine with API (Application Programming Interface) that can enrich your business applications with geographic functions.

Its key functions include reverse geocoding:

  • Address standardization to ensure that the geographic information in your database is consistent, constant, and precise


  • Geocoding, making it possible to locate any address you want on the map


  • Reverse geocoding, making it possible to translate a geographic position (latitude and longitude) into a “readable” address


  • Route computation, making it possible to describe the shortest route, quickest route, etc.


  • Map rendering and navigation tools (zoom, scrolling, direction arrows, etc.)


Our Geoservices engine can import the strategic content useful for analysing and developing your activities, e.g.:

  • Road mapping:  TeleAtlas
  • Maritime charts
  • Other sources:  Google, National Geographic Institute, etc.
  • Traffic information:  Be-Mobile, TomTom, etc.
  • Other useful information:  points of interest, weather reports, etc.


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Add our other solutions to Geoservices’s functions:

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