Range of mobility solutions

Market-IP offers four (stand-alone or complementary) solutions to optimize your business’s mobility and meet its various needs:

You want to integrate a mobility optimization solution in your business?
You want to enrich your service offer with a telematic mapping, geolocation, scheduling, or driving behaviour analysis solution?
Market-IP’s expertise and telematic solutions will enable you to reach this goal.


A mapping engine that can enrich your business applications, Web portal, etc., with geographic functions. Discover Geoservices


A geographic planning tool for optimizing and planning your assets’ use in the field.  The right solution for managing your staff’s movements. Discover Geoplanning


A platform for managing, checking, controlling, and guaranteeing the safety and security of your mobile assets.  This platform is also used as a foundation for creating specific telematic solutions. Discover Telefleet


A tool that analyses driving behaviour and habits in order to get objective cost breakdowns of your vehicles’ use. Discover Drivexpert

fleche_22 These four mobility solutions can be implemented separately or as a comprehensive mapping solution to meet your geolocation needs. Discover an example of a comprehensive management solution including geolocation