A tool for analysing and qualifying habits and behaviour behind the wheel


Drivexpert is a tool for analysing driving behaviour and the driver’s habits to aim for more environmentally friendly driving.

Key benefits of Drivexpert:

Drivexpert helps to develop greener and more economical responsible driving:

  • Greener and more economical responsible driving:  rationalizing costs and reducing environmental impact
  • Safety:  saving lives and reducing risks of accidents
  • Image:  project a responsible image whilst reducing one’s environmental footprint 

Drivexpert computes a driving score that reflects the driver’s “DNA”.  Results:

  • Analytical table of data showing the drivers’ profiles and giving information about each vehicle and the person behind the wheel
  • Scoring of each driver, group of users, and the entire fleet
  • Comprehensive view of useful information.


 Drivexpert is available:

  • in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode
  • as a secure stand-alone package on the Internet
  • as a personalized application
  • combined with the real-time geolocation solution Telefleet
  • combined with the planning, dispatching, and route optimization package Geoplanning

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