A vehicle geolocation and mobile operations management platform


Telefleet is a vehicle Track & Trace or geolocation solution that lets your business check, control, and guarantee the security of its mobile assets (vehicles, machines and equipment, and people).


Key benefits offered by Telefleet in fleet and field staff management:

  • Real-time location and geolocation of vehicles, goods, and people
  • Ignition locking or remote immobilisation
  • Notification of abnormalities (unauthorised starting, leaving/entering a zone, exceeding T° threshold values, etc.)

Efficiency and level of service:
  • Communication and sending of tasks
  • Control over schedules and scheduling compliance
  • Reduction of unproductive time (precise schedules, etc.)

Cost control:
  • GPRS communication
  • Fewer miles travelled
  • Automatic data inputs into your management system
  • Automated standard management reports
  • Daily cost control (servicing planning, driving habits, type of use, etc.)

  • Precise invoicing (stock management, POs/management tasks, and credit management),
  • Efficient planning (task allocation, optimized routing),
  • Monitoring of productivity (verification of task completion, automated data collection, etc.),
  • Simplification of administrative tasks through automated data integration and reports.

Telefleet, a solution for the geolocation of vehicles, people, and property,

  • is sold only through intermediaries, i.e., partners with added value. Contact us for a list of our Telefleet integrator partners;
  • comes in a "white label" format to allow for partner branding;
  • contains a wealth of functions for compatibility with niche- or business-specific applications:
    • rental, leasing & fleet management,
    • road transport,
    • maritime & inland waterway transport,
    • building & public works/construction,
    • mobile sales forces,
    • customer service, breakdown service, and maintenance,
    • public authorities and security services ,
    • insurance;
    • btp / construction   
  • is adjustable and personalizable, with specific development possibilities in line with the business or sector’s exact needs.

fleche_22 Want to know more about Telefleet and its vehicle geolocation functions?  Contact us.

fleche_22  Discover www.telefleet.com. This site, with its wealth of testimonials, will answer all the additional questions you may have about our vehicle geolocation solution to help you manage the movements of your goods and people.

fleche_22  Visit www.telefleet.com/bouwsector, (Web site dedicated to the building sector in Belgium) and discover how to avoid the CO2 tax and simplify the computation of your construction site workers’ mobility bonuses.

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